We are now more connected than ever and have proven to ourselves that we can incorporate new technologies to better our lives at a rapid rate.

Video chatting with friends and family from long distances has allowed for the human race to delve further into digital citizenship. Collaborations on scales that we have never seen before originated from the dilemma that COVID19 created. This newfound ability to cooperate with one another regardless of distance has been available to us for a long time but people are now finding ways to push the potential of this mindset.

The technologies allowing us to communicate and work together, while still being isolated, are going to be enhanced and made available to the masses. We must realize the opportunities that have developed due to COVID19 and work together to stay informed on how we can apply ourselves in this new world.

theZAP offers companies an opportunity to reach their audience with hope and compassion through sharing knowledge about new social norms, relief efforts and regulation. A Digital Public Park™ will be the nurturing grounds for the symbiotic growth between humans, technology and the corporations bringing everything together in a healthy way through human alliance. This is our ZAPhilosophy during these trying times, to move forward together!

A Digital Public Park

theZAP welcomes you to the Digital Public Park! Here, you will be provided with the resources needed to stay relevant after society-changing innovations. This is a human centered platform designed to engage all sectors of civilization in a dialog about how to use technologies to benefit our lives.

City parks bring sanctuary to the frenzied world around us. They are designated places of recreation and education through preservation. TheZAP Digital Public Park is the online equivalent and aims to preserve a place in this world for humanity. Our Zaphilosophy consists of 5 concepts to nurture this social movement; Human Centered Future, Purposeful Marketing at Scale, Human Alliance, Super Intelligent Humans (Zapsters) and Skills of the Human Spirit. These concepts all work together to form a machine that provokes questions about what people can do to stay significant in an automated world. TheZAP Digital Public Park is a platform to pose these questions directly to the parties involved and hold them accountable for educating the masses.

Technology Innovates. Entertainment Influences.

Technology is changing the way people live at a faster rate than they are able to learn the correct way to use it. Unfortunately, society has turned a blind eye to this issue and we fear becoming obsolete. Now, a window of opportunity has now appeared in your browser. TheZAP Digital Public Park allows for us to shape how technological breakthroughs are developed for the benefit of humanity!

Why A Digital Public Park?

City parks in the real world play a vital role in the social, economic , and physical well-being of communities all over the world.  They are inclusive and unbiased, provide recreational opportunities, places of enlightenment, cultural and athletic events, address important infrastructure and public health issues, improve safety and environmental threats.  Parks are recognized as powerful tools for urban communities and local economies to help drive more vibrant and equitable cities.  Our Global Digital Park™ will reflect these same attributes.   

Our Public Parks



Purposeful Marketing At Scale

The business model of today’s monopoly consumer platforms that are serving as our critical information, emergency broadcast systems, profit from…

The 7 Deadly Sins

It’s easy to draw comparisons of social media platforms to the 7 deadly sins. SagaCity.world will help us use technology for purpose in our lives!

SagaCity.world is our world’s digital public park

SagaCity.world is the result of many years of knitting together everything good and positive about technology and media in a way that serves humanity.

Thought Leader Quotes

“The psychology of technology, issues like privacy and data collection, is a subject that is now in the vocabulary and starting to be widely discussed. And now, we all have to figure out a way to take it to the next level and change some things.”

– Apple CEO, Tim Cook
October 2, 2018

“We need public polices along with private sector action to try to close the divides exacerbated by digital skills, and I think all of us in the tech sector and especially companies that have a global footprint have both an incredible opportunity and an extraordinary responsibility.”

 – Brad Smith, President of Microsoft

“I believe we need a more active role for governments and regulators. By updating the rules for the internet, we can preserve what’s best about it– while also protecting society from broader harms. These are important for keeping our community safe. But if we were starting from scratch, we wouldn’t ask companies to make these judgments alone.”

– Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook, CEO